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1st XI 2015

1st XI 2015

2nd XI 2015

2nd XI

Autumn Golf Day, 22 October 2016
Mathern Course, St Pierre from 0930
Please contact Malith Madurasinghe

Chepstow 1st XI vs Radyr

After a good win against local rivals Sudbrook last week , the Chepstow 1st XI were in very good spirits as they took on Radyr at Mathern Road on a scorching hot summers day. 

As usual; the Monmouth boys, the twins and Alyn Franklin were late, leaving the rest of the side to do all the pre match chores. At this time Franklin was somewhere on the M4 claiming to be stuck in traffic, an excuse we've become accustomed too. 

Once everything was done and the skipper had finished whinging, we got into some sort of warm up gear and laid out gloves for a game of 5 aside football, Old vs Young. The young'uns won the toss and opted to shoot down the hill, much to the disappointment of the oldies. However, after Harris let one roll under his foot into the net and Tudor volleyed the ball into his own face, the oldies were 4-0 up without breaking a sweat. The young'uns had every toy out of their prams and were arguing between each other. Mitch redeemed himself by scoring a brace, however the oldies hit back with a goal that sealed the fate of the embarrassed young'uns. It ended 5-2 and in the words of Tyler Morgan-huggett "we go again" next week... Except Tudor who is in the Gwent hospital being treated for a broken snout. 

Unfortunately, first team coach, Justin Thornhill, was not available to do the warm up so Harris got hold of his borrowed bat and the team had to fetch the balls as he thumped them in their direction. They would throw (or roll depending on the person) the ball back to guesty who had the mitts on. The most basic of drills however, it's safe to say Radyr would of been wetting themselves as they watched on, as skipper Cobbs shot put the ball in and monkey continuously threw the ball over guestys head, in the direction of the tennis courts. 

Now time for the toss. 25 degrees, blue skies, flat deck, perfect conditions for a bat. However, we then realised who our skipper was. Coin went up and Cobbs lost... AGAIN! Radyr were batting. It was safe to say that all the high spirits from earlier had diminished, despite Cobbs' best efforts to rally the boys. Everyone dragged there bottom lips into the changing rooms, the skipper gave the team talk, Teague put tape on every finger and Guest was still trying to get his hands into his keeping gloves. 

We all took our positions in the Sahara dessert, Monk took the first over and it was safe to say that it was a flat deck. Opening bowler Paul Swingwood took the new ball at the other end and we were a bit worried with the flight he puts on the ball that he could go to all parts of the ground. Wicket Keeper Mark Guest hasn't quite got the glove work to stand up to him so stands a very village 4 yards back from the stumps in "no mans land". Swingwood is renowned for going for a boundary off the first ball of his spell and went he sent down a juicy half volley to the Radyr opener we thought he would be continuing the ritual however, much to everyone's surprised the batsmen edged it into guesty's gloves who held on for an easy catch. 

Swingwood then picked up wicket number 2 when the Radyr batsmen Lewis didn't fancy playing a shot to a ball that was straight at the stumps. 

The 'spin' twins, skipper Cobbs and Mitch were then brought on when Monk got bored of bowling bouncers and Swingwoods half volleys stopped taking wickets. Radyr's opening batsmen, stone, tucked in to Cobbs slow left arm, hitting him over the top a number of times whilst Harris - despite a number of full tosses - remained economical up the other end. Cobbs struck first, bowling Morris for 12. Harris then chipped in with a wicket, after monk took a very good low catch at mid on. Cobbs picked up another 2 wickets and crucially got the dangerous Stone just before the 2nd drinks break for a well made 49. Unfortunately the injured Ollie Thornhill made some very weak squash which on any other day would of been thrown all over him however, due to the African climate the players had to make do. 

With Radyr 6 down and 16 overs left of their innings , the skipper got us all in a huddle and stated the obvious that we needed the last 4 wickets for bonus points. However, the talk worked and David Teague used his Ronaldo like run up to intimidate the batsmen who promptly dollied one of his deliveries to mid-wicket. 

Tudor Morgan Huggett chipped in with 2 wickets at the end with his Yorkers, despite the skipper repeatedly bringing him on and off, not letting him get into rhythm . With one wicket remaining and 1 over left , Paul Swingwood had 6 deliveries up the hill to earn Chepstow a crucial extra point . He suggested that he was going to bowl leg spin , but he was soon shot down by everyone and he reluctantly went to the end of his 5 yard run up and bimbled in. Swingwood only needed two balls when the Radyr No.7 hit one up straight up in the air to Tyler Morgan Huggett who now claims to have the safest hands in the club. Half a job done by the chipmunks and 141 all out looked very below par. 

Time for tea! 
A good spread put on by all, except for some cheese sandwiches done by Ben Jones, who some believe is the first team mascot as he hasn't offered much else this season. The cheese looked like it had been sliced by Stevie Wonder and was actually thicker than the bread itself. The Franklin household stole the show, after producing some of the best ham sandwiches ever seen at teas. 

Teague and Guest strode to the crease hoping to get the chipmunks off to a good start, but Teague then very quickly strode back to the pavilion, not troubling the scorers. Not what the skipper ordered. Out went Harris who was still buzzing from his MoM performance the previous week. A little partnership developed until Guest wafted at a wide one and edged it to the keeper, Guest refused to walk, not content that the keeper had caught it cleanly even though he had took it up round his head . Reluctantly Guest had to go as there is no review system in place at club level. 

Harris was joined by in form monk and at 19-2, they both needed to knuckle down and score some runs. Both obliged with Harris looking like he was batting with a stick of rock and monk batting like a text book. The score rose above 100 and in the searing heat, Radyrs enthusiasm was lost. However there was still time for the left arm spinner Corbett, to buy a wicket with a long hop which Harris decided to cloth straight to mid-on for a scratchy 43. Clearly the bat that he had lent off of Teague was broken. If that was the mighty Spartan, they would of been fetching the ball from the primary school. Team mascot, Ben Jones, just happy to have a bat, sprinted to the wicket to support monk. Monk then reached a well deserved fifty and was greeted by cuddles in the middle from Jones. The target was reached in the 26th over.

19 points earned and Chepstow 1st XI rise to third in the table. Game on. 
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